We want to create such machines, which, after sending a certain amount of INO, leaves a certain amount of food for street animals. The purpose of this project is to help poor cats and dogs on the streets. We have chosen INO Coin and blockchain in particular because we believe that this is the most optimized method of the money-giving market. Because it is completely encrypted, transactions are now taking place and the consumer and the animals are not harmed by the heavy banking system charges. We want to make the world better place, and we are tired to see that in 21st century , there is a hungry animals out there. 
Investor's profit in INO Pets: 
Internal satisfaction that you helped the animals in trouble! 
Do it today!
 Think about all the expenses that you have everyday. Are you a smoker, are you a drinker , do you have some bad habits .

Now is the moment to change them with good habits, yo can spend as much as you want INO `s to make homeless pets happy.

Only thing you need to make such charity is to buy some INO Coins. Depends of the amount of INO that you want to send for charity in our machines, as much food will be delivered on the pets. Imagine if each of us send by 10 INO, we can make the world better place.

Thank you to our special sponsors!

INO COIN Team - InoCoin.eu
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